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Todays fun tidbit of news found on the net an eyeglass design firm and retailer is relocated into Cincinnati. Frameri glasses are specialized in that you can easily snap your lenses in and out switching from one trendy frame to the next. Truly making your eye glasses an accessory you can swap out on the fly to go with your outfit. The website is easy to navigate and you can even either thru your webcam or a picture “try on” frames to see how they’ll look against your own face. Or if you don’t want to see yourself wearing them there is a model that will model them for you. Browsing thru the ladies catalog while the style shapes are limiting (only downside so far I can see) the various colors and patterns that the plastic frames come in are abundant. 

Frameri also had to build a web site where customers can try on glasses virtually and submit their prescriptions to the startup. The company is now shipping and the turnaround time for customers is 7-14 days. The ultimate goal is 3-5 days. A pair of frames is $100, and lenses are another $100.

Sounds like a great deal! You will have to know your measurements for fitting the glasses and they do throughly explain how to do the measurements on your own or you can ask your eye doctor to take them or even the local optical center – Walmart for example. 

Source – Cincinnati.Com

Very exciting to see they have decided to come to Ohio!

Here’s an example of what I looked like trying on their their software a frame set that I thought was really neat and would work. Maybe not so much so now! Don’t mind the absence of make up was a quick snapshot to see how the software truly works. 

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 2.30.49 PM

Virtual Try On of glasses from the Frameli website…Style Aerial in Cobalt Blue


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Recently at a fashion event a designer that showcased afterwards told me “Cleveland has no fashion industry.” I can honestly say after trying to in a few quick words prove the designer wrong that I have stewed on these words since. Sometimes vocally to other professionals that I know in fashion, and sometimes to myself especially when I see other local designers or small to large businesses trying to make it in the fashion industry. To me the fashion industry is all encompassing whether it’s from resale, design, boutique or even the farmer that has wool producing animals with a small shop to sell their goods (sometimes even handmade).

In the past I have researched quite extensively “where has our fashion industry gone” and I came up with – no where. It’s is still here and “loud and proud.” It may not be in the large garment factories we had at one point along the Erie shores but I spied years ago in downtown Akron a bridal garment operation that is ran by Vera Wang Luxe in Canal Place. There are many designers with shops throughout Cleveland also – just have to look for it (or search my blog many have been featured!). There are even some factories still that have made local press when their employees go on strike for better wages – such as the Hugo Boss factory in Brooklyn. Those are just a few quick examples – so instead of going to the Walmarts, Targets or even the mall to buy your clothing go to a local clothier or boutique. A short list if you are in Cleveland check out communities such as Coventry Village or in Akron their are also many areas including Hudson, Highland Square or just the various downtown Akron retailers.

But, we have lost a lot of our garment industry and for historical perspective I am including a timeline of sorts found on the Cleveland Retail Commissions webpage that lists many of the great textile businesses we have lost and what Cleveland neighborhood they were in. The fashion industry is not dead in Ohio or today more specifically the Northern Ohio area I specify. It is all in your own perspective and how you utilize it and take advantage of it.

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From bottom of the state to the top it is a very busy weekend! While we only have a partial list here are some of our favorite events going on to mention that we would love for everyone to support. You can always email us if there is anything else and even post it to the Facebook page for others to see.


Bras with Flair on the Square – Visit Cincy Chic for more details!

Posh Pup Fashion Show – Link for details, here. I am excited to say I’ll be at this show and will have many photographs to bring you and a full review!


Shimmy AND Shake for Autism – make sure you stop by and say hello to The Artful Cricket! For more details visit their event page on Facebook.


Taxi – Mgmt Grand Gala. More details here including details about the event from the press release.

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Do you know of any events that are either a local fashion week, boutique opening, designer trunk show – anything fashion forward let us know!

Email us at: nora @ ohiofashionista.com

ImageImage from Michigan Fashion Week 2012 – Johnny Bomber

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Do you know of any events that are either a local fashion week, boutique opening, designer trunk show – anything fashion forward let us know!

Email us at: editor @ ohiofashionista.com

ImageImage from Michigan Fashion Week 2012 – Johnny Bomber

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You better get your tickets soon!  This update from the Cincinnatti Fashion Week Facebook page!

Cincinnati Fashion Week sold out in 2010. Tickets for 2011 are now available at www.cincinnatifashionweek.com !

Sponsored by Kiss 107 FM, Landor Associates, Vitamin Water, Proctor & Gamble: Beauty & Grooming, Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa, Pump Salon, Wing’s Model Management, Event Enterprises, Bridal & Formal, American Apparel, Cincy Chic & A-Line Magazine.

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Cincinnati Fashion Week 2011
New Look, New Programs, and More

CINCINNATI – January 31, 2010 – CINCINNATI FASHION WEEK 2011 announces the second annual celebration of art, fashion and design to be held in the city of Cincinnati. Scheduled dates are Monday May 9 – Sunday May 15, 2011. Founded in 2009, the industry driven platform offers a unique opportunity to nurture the next wave of major design talent by establishing an on-going presence of global fashion in communities across the Midwest.

Now in its second year, the movement holds true to its promise to bring fashion, retail, and philanthropy to the Midwestern forefront of style. To build upon its early success, Cincinnati Fashion Week has fine-tuned the official event programming to include an even higher level of national and international talent, higher learning opportunities, and deeper connections with Midwest retailers.

In addition to the new programming, a new logo and branding has been created on behalf of Landor Associates Cincinnati, a leading strategic branding consulting and design firm. “The support of the inspirational team at Landor amongst a young fashion movement, has demonstrated a common wealth in the artistic community that reaches beyond success, beyond politics, talent, and beyond mediums; in fact, it catches creativity right at the spark of inspiration, when the best use of our talents is to share them and inspire others to do the same,” commented Cincinnati Fashion Week founder Nathan Hurst.

“Fashion is a lifestyle which adapts on a personal level, and reflecting this message for 2011 was most significant. To truly bring fashion to the Midwest, we must continue to have a dialogue about how we view fashion in our lives,” commented Nathan Hurst, Founder & CEO of Cincinnati Fashion Week.

In 2011, Cincinnati Fashion Week will evolve with the community it helped to establish by delivering what may be the largest fashion industry driven production seen within the Central Midwest.

Guests of official events at Cincinnati Fashion Week will be guided through a week of fashion inspired events led by national & international figures in the fashion community, including couture collectors, media personnel, fashion designers, retail historians, and much more.
Complete itinerary to be released within the coming weeks.

Excerpt from: Cincinnati.com
More details also here: Metromix Cincinnati
Facebook: Cincinnati Fashion Week on Facebook

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