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This year was different then the others – even the energy felt different. But, not negatively it was a great evening that many were smiling, laughing, joking, applauding and truly enjoying the show. Cocktail hour kicked off the evening as guests greeted one another, chatted amongst themselves and enjoyed the historical beauty of the old arcade that has been refurbished beautifully.

I took 889 – whoa. I was apparently quite snap happy sadly I haven’t gotten to sort through the photographs yet. The designers had great collections this year and the crowd enjoyed every moment of it. The roar of laughter and applause when the children walked the runway strutting their outfits (and literally the one young lady had a strut very well mastered) was very welcome. All in all the gentleman next to me in what I would suspect easily his youthful 70s summed it up quite well during his commentary at the end of the show “classy display of youthful American young wear by designers with a bright future”.  I agree! I will share photographs very soon!

Congratulations to Fashion Week Cleveland on their successful 10 years and look forward to supporting them in years to come!



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As we approach the Final Runway for Fashion Week Cleveland we take a brief glimpse of selections the designers have posted online that may hint towards their runway collections.


Jamie Seel – Columbus, Ohio

Jamie Seel

Jamie Seel – Sneak Peak Via her Instagram



Jae Jarrell – Chicago, Illinois (native of Cleveland)

Jae Jarrell

Jae Jarrell – Source: Facebook: Collections Album

Stephanie Nunn – Cleveland, Ohio

Stephanie Nunn

Knitwear Designer Stephanie Dunn in a photo showcasing her work for the Cleveland Plain Dealer



Jazmine Fischer – Akron, Ohio

Jazmine Fischer - Akron

Jazmine Fischer – Akron

Tina Hughes – Columbus, Ohio

Tina Marie – Spring 2014 Collection

Patrick T. Cooper – Atlanta, Georgia 

Patrick T. Cooper – SS2015


Berny Martin – Indianapolis, Indiana



Mallory Blaha – Bridal wear

Mallory Blaha


Pictures were not found for the following designers online – contact me if anyone has pictures and can update the post:
Mary Ann Carandang – Columbus, Ohio – Children’s Wear
Kelli Raes – Womenwear

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Another Fashion Week Cleveland has come to close and we sit back and ponder to our photographs from the evening. The Arcade is a beautiful venue with all it’s vintage glamour while the models walked the collections of local and national designers in the 9th Annual Fashion Week Cleveland.

There were beautiful looks going down the runway with designers showcasing between 10  and 20 looks. Sadly, though a beautiful venue it was also difficult to photograph as the lighting along the runway was difficult to work with as it was “shaded” due to lighting but got some great shots not of every look but here are my pics! Thank you to founder Donald Shingler for the opportunity to be able to go and talk to the designers and showcase their everyone the looks. I will be putting all the photographs up shortly on the Facebook page for OhioFashionista.com.  Click on each image to be directed to each designers home page.

Also you can check out the interview with designer Phoebe Kao from Bae Rae and Sorjet’s Jeuarlet McClanahan on Fashion Radio 1.

L.A. Gaitors – Leanne Hautala

Bae Rae – Phoebe Kao
Model: Abbey Kay

Lindsay Marie – Lindsay Adams
(Wedding dress – crochetted from rubber)

Art of Cloth – Rose Corrick 

Model: Katie Galaska

Sorjet – Soreyda Benedit Begley and Jeuarlet McClanahan


Modern Fashion – Amanda Renee

Jae Jarell Menswear

Lotty by Lotty Lewis

Models – contact me and I will post credit to your image.

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What a whirlwind of activities we have had over the past week including the gala event for Fashion Week Cleveland at the Crawford Auto Museum.  This event just seems to be getting big and bigger every year!  There were truly some very nice pieces that went down the runway and such a mix of bondage looking, swim suits to bridal!
The automobile museum was a great ‘distraction’ while walking around and enjoying taking pictures with such great vehicles like the stainless steel Thunderbird or DeLorean my personal favorites.  The night was perfect with some samples of foods from local restaurants and Tequilador and Squirt mixed drinks that one was easily distracted while chit-chatting away which wasn’t good for trying to get good seats at the show!  The show itself was set up interesting an cross pattern unlike the year before which did cause for a few near collisions amongst models on the runway but also made for not so ideal but can improvise seating arrangements.  If you weren’t ‘Johnny on the spot’ for getting in their early you may of ended up like me in the back and huddled against a wall to get you some of these fine pictures.  But the evening was still a success had a great time loved running into blogger friends Christina from The Cosmopolitan Clevelander and Stacey from Goodwill Huntingg.  We had a great time, and we look forward to the event next year – it just seems to be getting better with age like the fine wines and cheeses they were serving!

While we had many here are OhioFashionista.com’s Friday Five Picks:

Make sure you check out our Facebook page for more pictures in the Fashion Week Cleveland album!

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While we were all waiting with baited breath here is the line up for this weekends runway show and Fashion Week Cleveland!

Straight from the Fashion Week Cleveland website— Don’t forget to get your tickets!:

Runway Shows 

10:00 pm :: Corinne Brother:  Corinne Brothers.com
10:10 pm :: Pamela Truemper :: Knitwear
10:20 pm :: Tracy Kiefer :: Swim and Cruise
10:30 pm :: Michael Wilson :: Michael Wilson USA
10:40 pm :: Britini Brocker :: Evening Wear :: BBG Couture
10:50 pm :: Britini Brocker :: Wedding Dress Finale :: BBG Couture

From BBG Couture bridal collections…

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