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Recently at a fashion event a designer that showcased afterwards told me “Cleveland has no fashion industry.” I can honestly say after trying to in a few quick words prove the designer wrong that I have stewed on these words since. Sometimes vocally to other professionals that I know in fashion, and sometimes to myself especially when I see other local designers or small to large businesses trying to make it in the fashion industry. To me the fashion industry is all encompassing whether it’s from resale, design, boutique or even the farmer that has wool producing animals with a small shop to sell their goods (sometimes even handmade).

In the past I have researched quite extensively “where has our fashion industry gone” and I came up with – no where. It’s is still here and “loud and proud.” It may not be in the large garment factories we had at one point along the Erie shores but I spied years ago in downtown Akron a bridal garment operation that is ran by Vera Wang Luxe in Canal Place. There are many designers with shops throughout Cleveland also – just have to look for it (or search my blog many have been featured!). There are even some factories still that have made local press when their employees go on strike for better wages – such as the Hugo Boss factory in Brooklyn. Those are just a few quick examples – so instead of going to the Walmarts, Targets or even the mall to buy your clothing go to a local clothier or boutique. A short list if you are in Cleveland check out communities such as Coventry Village or in Akron their are also many areas including Hudson, Highland Square or just the various downtown Akron retailers.

But, we have lost a lot of our garment industry and for historical perspective I am including a timeline of sorts found on the Cleveland Retail Commissions webpage that lists many of the great textile businesses we have lost and what Cleveland neighborhood they were in. The fashion industry is not dead in Ohio or today more specifically the Northern Ohio area I specify. It is all in your own perspective and how you utilize it and take advantage of it.

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IN THE DARK: Wearable Technology with Light
January 30, 2014 / 7:00pm

FREE for MOCA Members & university students w/ valid ID
$8 Non-members

In partnership with the Cleveland Institute of Art



Here is an excerpt from an article the Cleveland Plain Dealer published about the event online:

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Fashion meets technology at an avant-garde fashion exhibit and competition called “In the Dark,” which debuts at 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 30 at theMuseum of Contemporary Art (11400 Euclid Ave.) in Cleveland and travels to three other venues around town during the next few months.

Students from Cleveland Institute of Art and Case Western Reserve University School of Engineering are working to create three innovative designs that merge art and technology with light.

The competitors have been working on their innovative, wearable designs since October. Guests will be able to choose their favorites at each venue (scroll down for details). Those results will play a role in the final judging in April.

“My design draws from centuries of European styles and fabric techniques,” CIA sculpture sophomore Graham Baldwin says of his piece, titled “Compendium.”

        Baldwin is incorporating 3-D printing, which he says can be difficult when dealing with multiple pieces that must             be correctly aligned. “The elbows were printed 13 times until the shape and design worked most effectively,” he             says.

CIA students Katie David, Jarrod Davis and Leah Yochman and CWRU student Zach Lerner teamed up to create what they call “H20 Glow.” The group says that the garment uses clear tubes with blacklight LEDs to expose the luminescent properties of tonic water.

The third entry, titled “Pulse,” is by CIA students Ben Horvat, Eric Payne and Marcy Kniss and CWRU student Ray Krajci. The group says the piece is a flowing garment that combines chic elegance with motion sensor light technology.

Tickets for Thursday’s event at MOCA, the first showing of the competition, are free for museum members and students (with valid ID), and $8 for nonmembers. Go tomocacleveland.org to purchase. As part of the design process, students will continue to revise their garments after each of the first three exhibits. The final judging will take place in April at the fourth venue.

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Pretty Living PR features Pretty in Paradise

Pretty Living PR features Pretty in Paradise on July 25th

The Pretty Living PR crew in Pittsburgh (that also work with many Ohio companies and help plan events) are sizzling after their launch party.  They have been in a fast forward movement and are sizzling with their upcoming summer soirée Pretty in Paradise.

Those that know Allyn and Charissa expect no less than a fun filled classy event that is not only star studded with local celebrities from Pittsburgh but also Ohio!


Tidal Cool Creations – Model: Arrey Blahnik Lee

Tidal Cool Creations by designer Andrea Howell of Cleveland Ohio will be featuring resort apparel on the runway and Paradise on the Rocks will be the featured drink – can’t go wrong here!

Join the Pretty Living PR team under the palm trees at the Cabana Bar in Wexford and enjoy the many looks from Tidal Cool Creations and a fun filled night of networking and partying.

Visiting Pretty Living PR online, here and also for tickets.

Visit Tidal Cool Creations the featured runway designer, here.


Tidal Cool Creations – Model :Arrey Blahnik Lee

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Do you know of any events that are either a local fashion week, boutique opening, designer trunk show – anything fashion forward let us know!

Email us at: editor @ ohiofashionista.com

ImageImage from Michigan Fashion Week 2012 – Johnny Bomber

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Henna parties are on the rise again as not just a form of cultural art but an art form “fad”.  Recent conversations and reminising back to henna parties I have attended prompted my research about why it was easy to find the brown henna but the black henna on local store shelves.  And truly with good reason – if it was done purposefully and not just based on availability due to the dangers of PPD black henna.

The pictures tell a tale that is truly painful to look through but it’s a warning to heed that the use of black henna could cause scarification.  While scarification is also a trend by no means do we recommend the use of black henna to achieve such a look.

Visit this website, The Henna Page, for more details on black henna, Para-phenylenediamine, and other henna related details – the good and the bad.

Hopefully I haven’t scared you complete as henna is still very beautiful here is a gallery of henna art by local artist, The Artful Cricket, gallery of henna art.







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Ever since truly joining the proper technology age that we live in (first with Android and now an iPhone) I’ve finding ways to get discounts without having to clip coupons – as truly I’m not a coupon clipper. I can appreciate a good deal but don’t make me dig thru pages and deal with paper cuts to find it!  I’ve fallen in love with Foursquare lately – and I know some are groaning but there truly is a way to manage it without having to reveal where you are if you don’t want to broadcast it to the world and still get great discounts! (when checking in select the option to “no” share with friends for added privacy)

Here are few random examples, subject to change:

H&M – check in to the Beachwood Place location and the first time check in get 24% off a single item!

American Eagle Outfitters – Check in and get 15% of your purchase.

Find other great discounts local to you here! 4SquareOffers.

Happy deal hunting!

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While browsing around Beachwood Place yesterday digging around for the latest accessories to add to my collection came across a lot, A LOT, of “Daisy Duke” shorts thru nearly every store, even had them in the maternity store.

H&M – $24.95

Ok so yes this is purchasable – but I don’t recommend it the pockets hang out the bottom is in the words of many “gross”…from Forever 21

Forever 21 – $19.80

This is much better from Forever 21…

Forever 21 – $17.80

I visited both Forever 21 and H&M in Beachwood Place

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Tickets here…

Special show announcement here…

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Earlier this week on Facebook and Twitter we were discussing rompers and their “comeback” – well they are here and I’m starting to notice them everywhere!  Maybe my eyes have been more in tune to them since talking about them, but now I see them literally everywhere I look, some you wouldn’t even necessarily think are!  While I’m not romping out the door to buy a romper (I think they really take a certain personality to rock out, and that’s not me) many of you are, tell us what you think and shoot us a picture wearing your favorite romper!

BCBGeneration – $86.40 (sale at Zappos)

Dereon – $29.99 (sale at Jimmy Jazz)

Baby Phat – $59.00 (at Dr Jays)

Ella Moss -$66.93 (sale at 6pm.com)

And for fun, check out this fun romper from Etsy…

Etsy – Romper – $89 (Etsy link to romper)

Now go forth and romp into a great weekend!  For ideas of fashionable things check out Fashionably Cleveland’s local calendar!

– Nora

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