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Todays fun tidbit of news found on the net an eyeglass design firm and retailer is relocated into Cincinnati. Frameri glasses are specialized in that you can easily snap your lenses in and out switching from one trendy frame to the next. Truly making your eye glasses an accessory you can swap out on the fly to go with your outfit. The website is easy to navigate and you can even either thru your webcam or a picture “try on” frames to see how they’ll look against your own face. Or if you don’t want to see yourself wearing them there is a model that will model them for you. Browsing thru the ladies catalog while the style shapes are limiting (only downside so far I can see) the various colors and patterns that the plastic frames come in are abundant. 

Frameri also had to build a web site where customers can try on glasses virtually and submit their prescriptions to the startup. The company is now shipping and the turnaround time for customers is 7-14 days. The ultimate goal is 3-5 days. A pair of frames is $100, and lenses are another $100.

Sounds like a great deal! You will have to know your measurements for fitting the glasses and they do throughly explain how to do the measurements on your own or you can ask your eye doctor to take them or even the local optical center – Walmart for example. 

Source – Cincinnati.Com

Very exciting to see they have decided to come to Ohio!

Here’s an example of what I looked like trying on their their software a frame set that I thought was really neat and would work. Maybe not so much so now! Don’t mind the absence of make up was a quick snapshot to see how the software truly works. 

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 2.30.49 PM

Virtual Try On of glasses from the Frameli website…Style Aerial in Cobalt Blue


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This year was different then the others – even the energy felt different. But, not negatively it was a great evening that many were smiling, laughing, joking, applauding and truly enjoying the show. Cocktail hour kicked off the evening as guests greeted one another, chatted amongst themselves and enjoyed the historical beauty of the old arcade that has been refurbished beautifully.

I took 889 – whoa. I was apparently quite snap happy sadly I haven’t gotten to sort through the photographs yet. The designers had great collections this year and the crowd enjoyed every moment of it. The roar of laughter and applause when the children walked the runway strutting their outfits (and literally the one young lady had a strut very well mastered) was very welcome. All in all the gentleman next to me in what I would suspect easily his youthful 70s summed it up quite well during his commentary at the end of the show “classy display of youthful American young wear by designers with a bright future”.  I agree! I will share photographs very soon!

Congratulations to Fashion Week Cleveland on their successful 10 years and look forward to supporting them in years to come!


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Are you still looking for that perfect and affordable ensemble for Prom for yourself or even for your daughter? Or are you finding yourself to have a closet full of dresses that need to be positively “re-homed”…look no further!  Kimberly Lehman of Love, Laughter and Elegance has an event this weekend on April 26th that fits your needs. She is taking donations and also appointments for those that are needing outfitted for their upcoming prom. (Sorry donations ended the 20th but stay tuned for future events)

When & Where:  Saturday, April 26th, 7-9pm at Shiloh Baptist Church at 1111 3rd St SE Massillon, Ohio

Find the event on Facebook, here: Love, Laughter & Elegance – Prom Dress Drive – April 26th  from 7-9pm

For more details contact Kimberly Lehman:  330-313-6030



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Recently at a fashion event a designer that showcased afterwards told me “Cleveland has no fashion industry.” I can honestly say after trying to in a few quick words prove the designer wrong that I have stewed on these words since. Sometimes vocally to other professionals that I know in fashion, and sometimes to myself especially when I see other local designers or small to large businesses trying to make it in the fashion industry. To me the fashion industry is all encompassing whether it’s from resale, design, boutique or even the farmer that has wool producing animals with a small shop to sell their goods (sometimes even handmade).

In the past I have researched quite extensively “where has our fashion industry gone” and I came up with – no where. It’s is still here and “loud and proud.” It may not be in the large garment factories we had at one point along the Erie shores but I spied years ago in downtown Akron a bridal garment operation that is ran by Vera Wang Luxe in Canal Place. There are many designers with shops throughout Cleveland also – just have to look for it (or search my blog many have been featured!). There are even some factories still that have made local press when their employees go on strike for better wages – such as the Hugo Boss factory in Brooklyn. Those are just a few quick examples – so instead of going to the Walmarts, Targets or even the mall to buy your clothing go to a local clothier or boutique. A short list if you are in Cleveland check out communities such as Coventry Village or in Akron their are also many areas including Hudson, Highland Square or just the various downtown Akron retailers.

But, we have lost a lot of our garment industry and for historical perspective I am including a timeline of sorts found on the Cleveland Retail Commissions webpage that lists many of the great textile businesses we have lost and what Cleveland neighborhood they were in. The fashion industry is not dead in Ohio or today more specifically the Northern Ohio area I specify. It is all in your own perspective and how you utilize it and take advantage of it.

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Cleveland is amongst the three cities in Ohio that now boast to have a Tiffany & Co. The ribbon cutting ceremony and grand opening celebrates the luxury stores opening soon in Columbus, and Cincinnati. Grand opening in Cleveland was on Wednesday morning. Tiffany & Co. has weathered many recessions even with their hefty price tag since they opened in 1837 in New York City. Sadly Tiffany & Co. took over the retail location of Berger and Silver a Cleveland company for 98 years that went out of business December 31st.

Tiffany & Co. is well-known for their fine furnishings, jewelry, fragrances, crystal and much more. Many fashionistas may also remember their cameo in the movie Sweet Home Alabama about a fashion designer and her ventures back to her home town after an engagement with a beautiful Tiffany & Co. ring.

Tiffany & Co. in the movie Sweet Home Alabama

Cleveland’s own Tiffany & Co. in Eton on Chagrin Blvd:

Image from Fox8 News - RIbbon Cutting

Image from Fox8 News – RIbbon Cutting

Welcome to Ohio, Tiffany & Co.!

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Pretty Living PR features Pretty in Paradise

Pretty Living PR features Pretty in Paradise on July 25th

The Pretty Living PR crew in Pittsburgh (that also work with many Ohio companies and help plan events) are sizzling after their launch party.  They have been in a fast forward movement and are sizzling with their upcoming summer soirée Pretty in Paradise.

Those that know Allyn and Charissa expect no less than a fun filled classy event that is not only star studded with local celebrities from Pittsburgh but also Ohio!


Tidal Cool Creations – Model: Arrey Blahnik Lee

Tidal Cool Creations by designer Andrea Howell of Cleveland Ohio will be featuring resort apparel on the runway and Paradise on the Rocks will be the featured drink – can’t go wrong here!

Join the Pretty Living PR team under the palm trees at the Cabana Bar in Wexford and enjoy the many looks from Tidal Cool Creations and a fun filled night of networking and partying.

Visiting Pretty Living PR online, here and also for tickets.

Visit Tidal Cool Creations the featured runway designer, here.


Tidal Cool Creations – Model :Arrey Blahnik Lee

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Ladies of Cleveland, Akron and surrounding communities were enjoying a day of pampering at the A Beautiful New You Expo that was in Independence a few weekends ago. The day was filled with make-overs, massages, weight loss and exercise tips, exercise instructions, beauty tips and a fashion show showcasing the local designers.

Ladies were ooo’ing and awww’ing at the personal trainer showing not only his moves but also demonstrating exercising – truly you would have thought by the cat calls that a Chip-n-Dale dancer took the stage but he definitely kept everyone’s attention. While many watched the excercise demonstrations others were laying on massage tables or in massage chairs therapeutically having their woes massaged away. I myself tried a new type of massage that I hadn’t heard of called a polarity massage after having it explained to me by the practitioner I left feeling a little at ease but also left me wanting more massage! An “energy removing” massage I would assume instead needs a better environment.

The fashion show was a hit! Local designers hit the runway with their collections All Dolled Up by Jazmine Fischer, Tidal Cool Creations by Andrea Howell and druChristine Couture by Dru Christine. You can see pictures from the runway on the OhioFashionista.com Facebook page.

The entire day was a lot of fun and should definitely be on your calendar next year to enjoy a day to yourself!

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