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Are you still looking for that perfect and affordable ensemble for Prom for yourself or even for your daughter? Or are you finding yourself to have a closet full of dresses that need to be positively “re-homed”…look no further!  Kimberly Lehman of Love, Laughter and Elegance has an event this weekend on April 26th that fits your needs. She is taking donations and also appointments for those that are needing outfitted for their upcoming prom. (Sorry donations ended the 20th but stay tuned for future events)

When & Where:  Saturday, April 26th, 7-9pm at Shiloh Baptist Church at 1111 3rd St SE Massillon, Ohio

Find the event on Facebook, here: Love, Laughter & Elegance – Prom Dress Drive – April 26th  from 7-9pm

For more details contact Kimberly Lehman:  330-313-6030




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nike iphone

Nike Fuelband and iPhone

One would think Nike+ Fuelband would be the last thing in my cross-hairs but I am quite frustrated with them right about – now.

I fell in love with this product – but I can’t have it, and not because it has a high price point but because it’s only for Apple products and I ditched the iPhone after 6 years and switched to Android. I always loved my pedometer and heart meter watch when I go to the gym and the latest “fad” is this fun futuristic bracelet – the Nike+ Fuelband. After talking to several people who I also work out with I instantly fell in love with the tracking and the overall excitement it adds to monitoring your health and workout.

Nora:  I have an android.

Customer service:  Sorry I have to end this call.

*awkward silence*

nike android

No Nike Fuelband for you!

While he meant it as a joke he was quite serious there was nothing further he could do as there is no supported application for  Android users. However, there is the opportunity that within 3 days (as that is the max memory) it be synced with your laptop, computer or even iPad. Luckily I do have other options but it takes away the fun of having them at your finger tips via the telephone. I did find a few “unofficial” apps with a gamut of mixed reviews.

The Nike Plus customer service agent says Android users will have no options even after a year of researching as Nike has given up on an app for the android phones because “there are too many Android operating systems 40+ to have to design for”.  I personally would love to argue that point with him but decided to not take the discussion any further. My plea to Nike – get it together! There are more than just iPhone users that like to enjoy fitness type products – even if the price tag is $149.

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Ever been so upset at something you just feel like you need to take to the streets and shout it from the rooftops?  Well that’s how I felt after coming home and seeing what a mess my stylist made of my hair with it’s a 10 “miracle styling cream. I generally don’t like to go on a rampage about a product, but a few of my followers can a test to my ranting yesterday about this product, as I was thoroughly frustrated!

My stylist and I have a wonderful stand relationship for several years and while I trust her with my hair I trust that she knows her products. Truly tho I’m looking at the situation as the wrong product for my hair that was a learning lesson for us both.

I’m not asking you to pass judgment on the product with out trying it yourself, but consider this a forewarning of things to look for.  When she put the product on everything felt fine just like any other hair product that had been applied. She explained there would be no issue styling with a hot iron once dry listed the many other “qualities” of the product  including: eliminating frizz, and sealing split ends to name a few.

Leaving the salon I felt good about the product, good enough to buy a bottle of it with her recommendation knowingly I was nearly out of the product I had at home which was comparable in price.  After getting home a few hours later I decided to flat iron which she didn’t do to allow ample time for it to dry – then the nightmares began.  I noticed the product made my hair coarse but thought maybe I’m just feeling things so I continued and literally in white globs the product melted off my hair.  I quickly hopped into the shower and washed it out – few hours later still felt coarseness from the product which I believe to of been the sealing quality – wash again, no dice still coarse.  Next day after morning shower still felt the coarseness but did not have the white blobs stream down my hair and as I had the day before.  Final result, I wasn’t happy so I called the salon and while they didn’t “understand” had said to go ahead and return what I had purchased – GOOD cause I didn’t want it.

I later talked to a hair stylist at the Hot at Beachcliff event and she had mentioned it sounded she had put too much of it onto my hair possibly – but she wasn’t familiar with the specific product.  I’m still returning it though, if a stylist can accidentally put too much on I’m sure I’ll be making a mess of it on my own!

Zero out of five stars. Nora tested, Nora not approved.

Product review and opinions of Editor Nora Custer.

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While hunting around summer dresses for various events that will be going around town I ran into some prints that while they are interesting some of the elements of design make you go, “hmm.”

Did she cut herself?

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Last year while browsing through an arts and crafts show along the shores of Lake Anna in Barberton I came across an artist booth for Robert W. Walker.  At first glance the dramatic colors and images draw you in and you just stare in amazement and wonder.  After several minutes of staring I came across a wall of accessories – wallets, bracelets and other trinkets.  The first thing I look at in an accessory (or anything) is quality and than usually the design and I was so well impressed with the quality of the wallets that I had to then make the daunting task of which image I liked the best – took a few walks around the show to finally figure out which would be proudly mine.  I have to say to this day I am still impressed with how the wallet looks and withstood what I put it through and how well the image has kept it’s quality.

While I didn’t get to meet Robert at the show we have since exchanged via his facebook page messages and he is a very intriguing individual.  At the time of this blog he is in California, but is from the Northern Ohio area originally where he grew up.  In the last few months he ventured off on an amazing adventure towards California in his Winnebago and has been exposing the west coast to his amazing artwork.  You can read more about Robert, his adventures and his work on his website: RW2GALLERY

Robert’s work can be found on everything from original paintings, wallets, laptop bags, clocks, shower curtains, and much more.

Here are some of OhioFashionista.com favorites:

Mermaid Clutch Wallet (leather)  –  $50

Cuff Bracelets (leather) – $20

Shower curtains!!…

Shower Curtain
– $49

Robert painting his Winnebago…

Images are from Robert’s etsy shop and from his facebook page.

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Since 1994 this craft show had been an annual event…for further details visit their website:

What:  Spring Artisan and Craft Market
Where:  Rocky River Memorial Hall / 21016 Hilliard / Rocky River, Ohio
When:  9am – 4:30pm
Vendors:  Blue Orchid Handbags, Gina Fletcher, jewelry; John Mollenkopf, photography; Melissa Pastva, handcrafted soaps; Matt Scofield, metal art; Elizabeth Vilkas, jewelry…and many more.

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Has anyone seen this new crazy in watches that is being called silicone watches? The  first time saw them was in Burlington Coat Factory (Akron) by the checkout so I of course had to try one on while waiting and instantly thought how uncomfortable.  But I have seen them popping up more and more on adults and children especially with sportswear or casual wear. I would think that a downfall to these watches would be the “breath-ability” of the material that it would make your wrist sweat and just cause discomfort over a period of time.  But truly there is a saying that there are sacrifices for fashion and this may just be one of these occurrences.

What do you think of these watches?  Let us know in the comments!

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