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Randall Park Mall was once the biggest…

Architectural Afterlife

A dusty pay phone hangs from its metal cord amongst the massive heap of destruction surrounding it. As I stood centered within this impressive, eerily quiet structure, all I could wonder was “where has all of the life gone?”



In 1976 the world’s largest shopping mall would open its doors for the first time to shoppers from around the country. Cars packed the mall’s parking lot from front to back in every direction, at parts even stretching to lots across the street while hurried shoppers took part rushing around the beauty of a brand new piece to the puzzle of the “American Dream.” 33 years later, either the cat would end up stealing this piece or someone would spill water on it.

2,000,000 square feet made up this once monumental shopping center where they would come to hold concerts, holiday events and much more. Teens would hang out, men proposed…

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OhioFashionista.com is continued proud blog media supporters of Fashion Week Cleveland…Join them this week for continued educational events and the Grand Finale on Saturday!



ImageTo follow them on social media, see the list below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/clevelandfashionweek 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CLE_FashionWeek
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/fashionweekclev 
Instagram: http://instagram.com/fashionweekcle 


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Here’s a great blog by a classmate of mine that took a great job opportunity in a very far away land. It’s not fashion related but there is a great lesson here of conquering your fears and taking life by the horns.

The Emerald Brewer


The question I’m asked almost daily is “why’d you do it?” To which I usually reply “do what?.” Although I know what they’re inferring — Ireland sucks and America is great; why would you leave?
See, one thing you should know about the Irish is that they are very pessimistic as a whole. Whether it’s about the weather, the economy, the government, or the country itself, they are always down on themselves. I find it almost irritating. It’s a beautiful country crammed with more history and scenery than  anywhere  I’ve ever been before. And this leads me to the very point of this post, and an answer to their question.

“Why’d you do it?”

Well, to be honest, I’ve never done anything or gone anywhere. Sure, I’ve been to a few places back in the States, but not many. I can probably count on one hand all the different States I’ve been too…

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Debuting! FashionRadio1.com TONIGHT! 8-10pm

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This weekend is the main event! No, not the Ringling Brothers Circus but the Black Tie Reception and Designer Showcase for Fashion Week Cleveland.

Join fashionradio1.com for a show tonight dedicated to Fashion Week Cleveland and the designers. 

Designers this year – Linked to their Facebook or web pages:

L. A. Gaitors Shoes :: Leanne Hautala

Bae Rae :: Phoebe Kao

Lindsay Marie :: Lindsay Adams

Art of Cloth :: Rose Corrick

Sorjet :: Soreyda Benedit Begley and Jeuarlet McClanahan

Modern Fashion :: Amanda Renee

Jae Jarell Menswear

Lotty by Lotty Lewis

Fashion Week Cleveland’s Designer Runway shows and the black tie reception are an event not to be missed annually in Cleveland. OhioFashionista.com has happy promoted and been involved with FWC for several years and continues to promote the excellence FWC brings to the Cleveland area for over the past 10 years. The “week” began May 1st with events such as the retailers night out, Glam Jam, movie screening (on Friday!) and the Black Tie Reception and designer show case. Purchase your tickets while they are still available on their website.

From the Fashion Week Cleveland website:


Saturday, May 11, 2013 :: The Arcade :: 420 Superior Avenue :: TUXEDO REQUIRED :: 7:30 pm

Designer Runway Shows & Black-tie Reception 

The elegant and enchanting Arcade is one of Cleveland’s best known landmarks, and has an international reputation as one of the finest buildings of its type in the world.  With a five-story high vaulted glass ceiling, brass railed balconies, and a Romanesque Revival design, you will be immersed in an evening of fashion and style. 

7:30 pm :: Black-tie Reception

Peruse The Arcade while you enjoy exhibits, music, appetizers at Fashion Week Cleveland’s black-tie reception.  Be one of the first to see the new, retro-stylish Fiat 500 :: Enjoy the “pop-up” boutique mall in which boutiques, designers, and sponsors create a vibrant downtown shopping experience in this grand 1890’s mercantile center.

8:45 pm :: Verb Ballets
Brian Murphy & Leslie Miller of Verb Ballets

9:00 pm :: Designer Runway Shows
Enjoy the sounds of DJ Impure :: Reserved Runway Seating with VIP admission

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Treasury of the week...Lush Limes & Greens

Who doesn’t need a little color when all it does is snow and rain! I am ready for spring and these colors help brighten up the day.

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Trend Report: New Years Eve - Evening Wear

Ohio Designer & Boutique Feature

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