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As we approach the Final Runway for Fashion Week Cleveland we take a brief glimpse of selections the designers have posted online that may hint towards their runway collections.


Jamie Seel – Columbus, Ohio

Jamie Seel

Jamie Seel – Sneak Peak Via her Instagram



Jae Jarrell – Chicago, Illinois (native of Cleveland)

Jae Jarrell

Jae Jarrell – Source: Facebook: Collections Album

Stephanie Nunn – Cleveland, Ohio

Stephanie Nunn

Knitwear Designer Stephanie Dunn in a photo showcasing her work for the Cleveland Plain Dealer



Jazmine Fischer – Akron, Ohio

Jazmine Fischer - Akron

Jazmine Fischer – Akron

Tina Hughes – Columbus, Ohio

Tina Marie – Spring 2014 Collection

Patrick T. Cooper – Atlanta, Georgia 

Patrick T. Cooper – SS2015


Berny Martin – Indianapolis, Indiana



Mallory Blaha – Bridal wear

Mallory Blaha


Pictures were not found for the following designers online – contact me if anyone has pictures and can update the post:
Mary Ann Carandang – Columbus, Ohio – Children’s Wear
Kelli Raes – Womenwear


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Remember this group?  Well if you don’t recognize them you are either not from Akron or born in a generation that is missing out on some of the funniest songs ever written.  Devo, photographed above, formed in Akron in 1976 and has gone onto create such world-wide hits such as Whip It and Secret Agent Man.

Devo has recently made a donation to the Ohio Historical Society that included:  a cone hat (like in photo above), stickers, tshirts, and various costume pieces from over the years.

Devo’s cone-head hats aren’t he only ones making news “cone-head couture” hit the runways in Givenchy’s Spring 2010 Runway collection.  Below are a few of the styles from the collection that feature “cone-head couture”.


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