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This year was different then the others – even the energy felt different. But, not negatively it was a great evening that many were smiling, laughing, joking, applauding and truly enjoying the show. Cocktail hour kicked off the evening as guests greeted one another, chatted amongst themselves and enjoyed the historical beauty of the old arcade that has been refurbished beautifully.

I took 889 – whoa. I was apparently quite snap happy sadly I haven’t gotten to sort through the photographs yet. The designers had great collections this year and the crowd enjoyed every moment of it. The roar of laughter and applause when the children walked the runway strutting their outfits (and literally the one young lady had a strut very well mastered) was very welcome. All in all the gentleman next to me in what I would suspect easily his youthful 70s summed it up quite well during his commentary at the end of the show “classy display of youthful American young wear by designers with a bright future”.  I agree! I will share photographs very soon!

Congratulations to Fashion Week Cleveland on their successful 10 years and look forward to supporting them in years to come!



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Recently at a fashion event a designer that showcased afterwards told me “Cleveland has no fashion industry.” I can honestly say after trying to in a few quick words prove the designer wrong that I have stewed on these words since. Sometimes vocally to other professionals that I know in fashion, and sometimes to myself especially when I see other local designers or small to large businesses trying to make it in the fashion industry. To me the fashion industry is all encompassing whether it’s from resale, design, boutique or even the farmer that has wool producing animals with a small shop to sell their goods (sometimes even handmade).

In the past I have researched quite extensively “where has our fashion industry gone” and I came up with – no where. It’s is still here and “loud and proud.” It may not be in the large garment factories we had at one point along the Erie shores but I spied years ago in downtown Akron a bridal garment operation that is ran by Vera Wang Luxe in Canal Place. There are many designers with shops throughout Cleveland also – just have to look for it (or search my blog many have been featured!). There are even some factories still that have made local press when their employees go on strike for better wages – such as the Hugo Boss factory in Brooklyn. Those are just a few quick examples – so instead of going to the Walmarts, Targets or even the mall to buy your clothing go to a local clothier or boutique. A short list if you are in Cleveland check out communities such as Coventry Village or in Akron their are also many areas including Hudson, Highland Square or just the various downtown Akron retailers.

But, we have lost a lot of our garment industry and for historical perspective I am including a timeline of sorts found on the Cleveland Retail Commissions webpage that lists many of the great textile businesses we have lost and what Cleveland neighborhood they were in. The fashion industry is not dead in Ohio or today more specifically the Northern Ohio area I specify. It is all in your own perspective and how you utilize it and take advantage of it.

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Another Fashion Week Cleveland has come to close and we sit back and ponder to our photographs from the evening. The Arcade is a beautiful venue with all it’s vintage glamour while the models walked the collections of local and national designers in the 9th Annual Fashion Week Cleveland.

There were beautiful looks going down the runway with designers showcasing between 10  and 20 looks. Sadly, though a beautiful venue it was also difficult to photograph as the lighting along the runway was difficult to work with as it was “shaded” due to lighting but got some great shots not of every look but here are my pics! Thank you to founder Donald Shingler for the opportunity to be able to go and talk to the designers and showcase their everyone the looks. I will be putting all the photographs up shortly on the Facebook page for OhioFashionista.com.  Click on each image to be directed to each designers home page.

Also you can check out the interview with designer Phoebe Kao from Bae Rae and Sorjet’s Jeuarlet McClanahan on Fashion Radio 1.

L.A. Gaitors – Leanne Hautala

Bae Rae – Phoebe Kao
Model: Abbey Kay

Lindsay Marie – Lindsay Adams
(Wedding dress – crochetted from rubber)

Art of Cloth – Rose Corrick 

Model: Katie Galaska

Sorjet – Soreyda Benedit Begley and Jeuarlet McClanahan


Modern Fashion – Amanda Renee

Jae Jarell Menswear

Lotty by Lotty Lewis

Models – contact me and I will post credit to your image.

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Who remembers Suede from Project Runway? Of course you do!

Suede is a Kent State Fashion School alumni and this week is embarking on a promo tour in the Kent and Hudson areas for his line of fabrics and patterns at Jo-Ann Fabrics.

Join in on the fun!


Details for where to be when:

Feb 1 – in store event at Jo-Ann Stores Flagship store – Hudson, Ohio. 5:30PM – 7:30 PM

Feb 2- Free Fashion Show, Meet and Greet – Kent State University Fashion School. Show times 1 pm and 3:30 PM.

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I’m not sure about the rest of you but seeing this snow melt makes me just want to get out and head full bore into spring.  Well, with President’s Day right around the corner I love to take in all the sales going on – this is truly probably when I personally take advantage of all the various handbag discounts!

To take away some of the guessing game as to where is what on sale I found some websites I would like to share:

– Macy’s coupon:  http://akimages.crossmediaservices.com/listingimages/Retailers/macys/Coupons/31141_102.pdf
– Daddy o Deals:  http://www.daddyodeals.com/phpBB/presidents-day-2011-sales-and-deals-t188682.html
– SlickDeals:  http://slickdeals.net/localdeals/cleveland/

If you see any other sales post in the comments or send an email to editor@ohiofashionista.com! Happy shopping!

Image from Free Clipart

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Baby its cold outside, but that’s no reason to stay locked inside all day. So let’s make it look good. Get your hats, gloves, scarfs, and coats. If you’re lost in a sea of zippers and hoods, this should narrow it down.

The Pea Coat: Whether it’s double breasted, short, long, bright red, or grey, it works. This is the perfect coat for any women. Just find the size that fits you and a color you adore. This coat can be found in a million colors and sizes. The best part is it’s great to wear to the office, shopping, and then to that fancy restaurant you’ve had your eye on.

Pea Coat – Gap – $98

The Trench Coat: It’s classic and cute, and you can’t miss looking slim and put together in a trench. Perfect for keeping you warm when the snows flying down and you’re stuck walking through the parking lot or meeting friends for lunch.

Trench Coat – Saks Fifth Avenue – $174

The Puffer Coat: It’s not just for skiing anymore. You may find this one a little harder to pull off, but it’s really not. Neutral colors are the most ideal. But if you love being the spotlight; then go for that blue that matches your eyes. There’s no way you’ll be cold in one of these beautiful things.

Puffer Jacket -Calvin Klein – $99

The Parka: Hey who says you can’t wear a Parka? They and defiantly in style in Ohio, where it’s always a winter wonderland. A lot of times the hood and/or fur is adjustable and comes on and off. It’s a great addiction to your wardrobe and a wonder to have when you’re partially snowed in and still have to leave your house.

Parka – Saks Fifth Avenue: $815

Blog written by: Brittany Saylor regional writer for OhioFashionista.com from Kent.

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I will be in Dayton next week, which somehow led me to The Dispatches feature blog page roll call and well that’s my addiction spending a good hour or so reading through local blogs.  I came across “The Bag Lady” – for those in Columbus this blog is such an invaluable treat!

It’s not just food, but there is fashion and clothing too – check out her tabs down the side!  Wished I live closer, but I highly recommend this blog to Columbus area fashionistas!

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