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As we approach the Final Runway for Fashion Week Cleveland we take a brief glimpse of selections the designers have posted online that may hint towards their runway collections.


Jamie Seel – Columbus, Ohio

Jamie Seel

Jamie Seel – Sneak Peak Via her Instagram



Jae Jarrell – Chicago, Illinois (native of Cleveland)

Jae Jarrell

Jae Jarrell – Source: Facebook: Collections Album

Stephanie Nunn – Cleveland, Ohio

Stephanie Nunn

Knitwear Designer Stephanie Dunn in a photo showcasing her work for the Cleveland Plain Dealer



Jazmine Fischer – Akron, Ohio

Jazmine Fischer - Akron

Jazmine Fischer – Akron

Tina Hughes – Columbus, Ohio

Tina Marie – Spring 2014 Collection

Patrick T. Cooper – Atlanta, Georgia 

Patrick T. Cooper – SS2015


Berny Martin – Indianapolis, Indiana



Mallory Blaha – Bridal wear

Mallory Blaha


Pictures were not found for the following designers online – contact me if anyone has pictures and can update the post:
Mary Ann Carandang – Columbus, Ohio – Children’s Wear
Kelli Raes – Womenwear


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OhioFashionista.com is continued proud blog media supporters of Fashion Week Cleveland…Join them this week for continued educational events and the Grand Finale on Saturday!



ImageTo follow them on social media, see the list below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/clevelandfashionweek 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/CLE_FashionWeek
Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/fashionweekclev 
Instagram: http://instagram.com/fashionweekcle 


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Are you still looking for that perfect and affordable ensemble for Prom for yourself or even for your daughter? Or are you finding yourself to have a closet full of dresses that need to be positively “re-homed”…look no further!  Kimberly Lehman of Love, Laughter and Elegance has an event this weekend on April 26th that fits your needs. She is taking donations and also appointments for those that are needing outfitted for their upcoming prom. (Sorry donations ended the 20th but stay tuned for future events)

When & Where:  Saturday, April 26th, 7-9pm at Shiloh Baptist Church at 1111 3rd St SE Massillon, Ohio

Find the event on Facebook, here: Love, Laughter & Elegance – Prom Dress Drive – April 26th  from 7-9pm

For more details contact Kimberly Lehman:  330-313-6030



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Recently at a fashion event a designer that showcased afterwards told me “Cleveland has no fashion industry.” I can honestly say after trying to in a few quick words prove the designer wrong that I have stewed on these words since. Sometimes vocally to other professionals that I know in fashion, and sometimes to myself especially when I see other local designers or small to large businesses trying to make it in the fashion industry. To me the fashion industry is all encompassing whether it’s from resale, design, boutique or even the farmer that has wool producing animals with a small shop to sell their goods (sometimes even handmade).

In the past I have researched quite extensively “where has our fashion industry gone” and I came up with – no where. It’s is still here and “loud and proud.” It may not be in the large garment factories we had at one point along the Erie shores but I spied years ago in downtown Akron a bridal garment operation that is ran by Vera Wang Luxe in Canal Place. There are many designers with shops throughout Cleveland also – just have to look for it (or search my blog many have been featured!). There are even some factories still that have made local press when their employees go on strike for better wages – such as the Hugo Boss factory in Brooklyn. Those are just a few quick examples – so instead of going to the Walmarts, Targets or even the mall to buy your clothing go to a local clothier or boutique. A short list if you are in Cleveland check out communities such as Coventry Village or in Akron their are also many areas including Hudson, Highland Square or just the various downtown Akron retailers.

But, we have lost a lot of our garment industry and for historical perspective I am including a timeline of sorts found on the Cleveland Retail Commissions webpage that lists many of the great textile businesses we have lost and what Cleveland neighborhood they were in. The fashion industry is not dead in Ohio or today more specifically the Northern Ohio area I specify. It is all in your own perspective and how you utilize it and take advantage of it.

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I just heard the news this evening of the demolishment of Parmatown Mall being underway – I don’t frequent Cleveland too often but especially my old stomping ground of Parma. One of the added perks of my mother being faculty I got to attend CCC for nearly free in my earlier years – of course between classes and anytime outside of classes I could easily be found roaming the halls of Parmatown Mall. It was a middle-class mall this was in the years about 1999-2002 I truly didn’t find it much different then the local mall Chapel Mall which was the closest to where I had been living. I was even quoted the youth shopping policy a few times till I showed them my ID that I can legitimately spend all my money and not be chased out the door.

The mall has a history dating back well before I was born even some before my parents which I know they read this maybe dinosaurs were still roaming a la Fred Flintstone, I kid.

The new “Shops at Parma” has began it’s development and this is just the next phase. The community was glad that Parmatown Mall will not suffer the fate of Randal Park mall on the East side of Cleveland or even Rolling Acres Mall in Akron. Below is an artist rendering of the Shops at Parmatown.


You can find more articles from the Cleveland.com website about the project. The Cleveland Memory project has many pictures of the former Parmatown Mall.

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Are you a suicide survivor? Sadly, many of us this day in age are survivors of suicide. Whether we have lost friends, family, or co-workers most Americans have lost someone close to them to a leading cause of death, suicide.

Allyn Lewis from Pretty Living PR is helping to raise awareness after losing her father to suicide at the age of 18. Allyn has pushed through this adversity and along with her talent team from Pretty Living PR is hosting an event this Saturday as a fundraiser for suicide prevention.

The event is in near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but as they say for Ohioians what is a good run for the border – especially for a good cause.

Visit La Nuit Noire’s website for more details. (Click Here)

Event details:

La Nuit Noire
Event benefit:  American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Purchase tickets online at Eventbrite (click here).

Cefalo’s  –  428 Washington Ave, Carnegie PA 15106

Saturday, January 25, 2014 from 7pm – 11pm.

Entertainment will be a fashion couture show by Tidal Cool Creations and there will be live music with several celebrity guests in attendance.


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Death by WordPress?

Every time I log in seems as though something has gone awry whether it’s lost blog posts, or just the template changing and the font is no longer in a logical sequence. Sadly, I wasn’t happy with Blogspot either or Blogger – so I’ll stick to WordPress and try to promise to post more and not let the technology get the best of me.

But, for those that follow regularly you know the Facebook page has been quiet busy as there are all sorts of local events going on such as prep for both Alternative Fashion Week, Fashion Week Cleveland and Great Lakes Fashion Week. It may be winter but as they say it is “haute” in the fashion industry!

Don’t forget to follow on Facebook – and stay tuned to this page for future articles and event promotions as winter blues and technology faux pas are pushed aside.

Also, OhioFashionista.com will be looking for correspondents again that would like to write articles in their region and have them published. Please email me for further details.

~ Nora

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