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With events sold out all week there are still a few tickets left for tonights finale!

Here are some photos from Cincinnati Fashion Week from purpleandlime.com‘s facebook fan page:  (Women’s wear and accessories by Rebecca George)

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Hats have always amazed me from the quirky nature of the British hats to the hats that have been hitting the runways at Fashion Weeks throughout Paris and NYC.

My favorite hats are berets or even the newsboy style hats, similar to this one spotted on the runway.  Berets come in many versative colors and styles of knit and feel – I have seen them locally anywhere from 12.99+ at the local mall. 

Charlotte Ronson – Spring 2010

Don’t thru away those straw hats – they are still a hot commodity.  The fedora and both the wide brim hats are still in this summer don’t get rid of them! 

Straw Fedora – $28.95 at Jaxon’s

Sun Hat $24.99 at Amazon.com

In other hat news…

Some hat news that is a bit unique, controversary and “couture”.  This “hat” worn by Tavi a fellow fashion blogger caused some ruckus at the Dior show in Paris when fellow journalists couldn’t see the runway. 
I think her hat is unique especially for a 13 year old, but I’ll leave it to others whether to declare appropriate or not.  To those wanting to buy such a wonder sorry but I think this maybe a handmade as it’s uniquness is made up of feathers – I haven’t found anywhere selling such a creation, yet. 

Image via Grazia_Live

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